How to Replace a Furnace Filter

A furnace filter is a rectangular piece of fibrous filtering material that is mounted in a frame or channel behind the air intake cover in a furnace. These filters may also be installed in return vents, but these are rarely seen. The most common size of a furnace's filter is 16 inches by 20 inches. They are made of natural fibers, synthetic fibers, or electrostatically charged materials. When it's time to replace your filter, follow these easy steps to ensure your health and the health of your family.
The first step is to measure the filter. Most filters are rated by their thickness, and these are the most inexpensive. You can purchase a disposable fiberglass filter, but you won't receive much air filtration from it. You can also choose a washable filter, but these require frequent cleaning. Additionally, washable filters tend to circulate mold and fungus into your home. Luckily, there are many types of disposable pleated filters that have MERV ratings of six to twelve. These are the best all-around filters that have the highest efficiency rating. You can learn more about 16x25x1 furnace filter on this homepage.
When selecting a new filter for your furnace, look for one that's specifically made for your type of furnace. There are two types of filters: washable and disposable. The washable versions have rigid plastic frames and metal frames, but they tend to be less efficient. However, the reusable electrostatic filters are the best option for most people because they can last up to three years. If you're concerned about the amount of dirt and smoke that these airborne particles have, then you should consider buying a reusable version.
Once you've selected a replacement filter, you'll need to check the size of the opening. Usually, the size of the furnace filter opening will determine the size of the replacement filter. The width of the opening should be one inch in diameter. You can contact an HVAC contractor to have the proper measurement for your furnace. If you can't find the right size, you can order a new filter. If your furnace still fits the old filter, you should consider purchasing a new one. You can find out more info about the best furnace filter on this site.
You should buy a new furnace filter that fits the size of your furnace. You can buy a replacement by using a flashlight to measure the width. The filter should be at least an inch wide. A high-efficiency furnace filter can be as thick as four inches and can be used with all types of filters. You should check the size of your furnace's filter before buying a replacement. Make sure you have the correct one for your furnace.
Unlike some other types of filters, a furnace filter's size will determine the type of filter you need. Generally, a new furnace filter should be a standard one with a one-inch opening. A higher-efficiency model should be a few inches thicker than the other two. If your furnace is on the smaller side, you should use a higher-efficiency one. Otherwise, it can't fit in your home. Check out this post for more details related to this article:
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